Advantages for the user for the transport vehicle / the load compared to similar products
Suited for horizontal and vertical application
Blocking forces BC between 450 daN and 150 daN in application ranges from 800 mm to 2300 mm, depending on design
In connection with anti-slip materials, loads up to 2250 kg can be secured in driving direction with one AIRLINE BEAM.
Extensive technical documentation / operation manual
Smooth and continuous telescopic adjustment
No bulging operating elements in the complete application area
Silent design with plastic slider and centring piece
Supporting tube and hand piece with PVC coating for comfortable handling even in cold outside temperatures, as well as for protection of the load
The automatic airline pins on both sides each engage in a hole pair of the airline lashing track.
The automatic airline pins do not damage the material within the airline lashing track.
Insertion of the Airline Beam does not require simultaneous application of pressure in both directions.
The automatic airline pins cannot slide out because they lock into place when pressure is applied on the side wall.
Based on the locking in the airline lashing track, the system does not damage the transport vehicle.
High-quality product label affixed in a protected spot on the telescopic tube near the hand piece